ANNE(X) 7.th ISSUE / 17th İstanbul Bienalle 2022

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Anne(x) TR & ENG                                    

Oda Projesi’s multi-format participation in the Biennial is informed by the collective’s longstanding research into ‘motherhood and production’ and a series of meetings and interviews conducted with groups of mothers and non-mothers from the cultural sector in various geographies. Audio excerpts from their ongoing conversation series were featured in the weekly transmissions of Radyo Bienal at Açık Radyo 95.0, ‘parasitically’ leaking into its regular programming and questioning concepts like care, precariousness and sisterhood. The collective features in the channel’s English-language podcast seriesand launches the seventh edition of its Anne(x) newspaper during the Biennial with a series of public and more intimate conversations. The printed Turkish edition of the newspaper can be accessed from the reading rooms in the biennial venues Barın Han and Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam, as well as the P Building of Müze Gazhane and the Istanbul Bookstore in Gazhane.