Invisible Labor and Motherhood / On Air

 Listen from here: motherhood on air

For Radyo Bienal, Oda Projesi invites other women to reflect on invisible labour, motherhood and the radio. This is a sequel to 'Radio Within a Radio', which was a series of contributions by Oda Projesi to the Turkish edition of Radyo Bienal, broadcasted throughout 2021 on Açık Radyo. Oda Projesi is also invited to the 17th Istanbul Biennial with their 'Anne(x)' newspaper on motherhood.

Güneş Savaş invites four female artists Myriam Varela, María Gimeno, Karen Raicher and Aylin Önel who are not living in their birth country. They answered the same questions from within their own situatednesses and perspectives: What does it mean to feel like you belong somewhere? Through what kinds of labour action does the house become a space of belonging?

Özge Açıkkol invites Elin Strand Ruin and Biray Kolluoğu. The artist/architect Elin Strand Ruin responds to a set of questions by Oda Projesi: Is it possible to make a revolution in the kitchen and if so, what kind of revolution would it be? Elin refers to her work-in-progress 'Praxagora Kitchen' that took different forms in public space in two neighbourhoods in Stockholm. Biray Kolluoğlu is a professor of Sociolgy in Boğaziçi University. She reflects on the 'invisible labour of the egg' and elaborates on the power of naturalizing and denaturalizing. 

Seçil Yersel invites Kija Benford, the founder of Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group that is a Dutch-based art initiative specialising on the research of the maternal arts. Kija Benford directs three questions by Oda Projesi to mother and artist Eefje Wijnings, Danni van Amstel and Chloë Marsden: Is there a connection between invisible domestic labour and the invisibility of the radio? How can invisible labour have visibility within the invisible radio field? Does gossip make the invisible, visible? Through what kinds of labour action does the house become a space of belonging?