An Auricular Witness / TilVaegs - Copenhagen

 An Auricular Witness

A curatorial game by Oda Projesi 

8th April - 30 May 2022

@TilVaegs Tilvaegs website


Players: Naz Erayda + Aslı Kıyak İngin + Gülkan Noir +  Aslı Özdoyuran + Oda Projesi + 

Burcu Yanmaz + Yağmur Yıldırım 

Opening Performance: Ada Coming Wind Corsi


What is happening behind the walls? After 2 years of pandemic life, especially women were trapped between the walls day by day. What did that mean for women and mothers to “stay at home”? Lots of research has been made and lots of statistical information have been shared around the increasing invisible domestic labour during the pandemic. What can we do with this information now? What is it for? Til Vaegs’ main tools of display are the attached screens on the outer walls of the buildings, this creates a curiosity: What is it behind the screens? What is it that we don’t see and witness? After 2 years of “staying at home”, what can we imagine that would happen “inside”; create discussions and gatherings? Oda Projesi uses the “ear to ear” method (the children’s game kulaktan kulağa as in Turkish; which is translated as “Chinese whispers”) between the participants who are all from Istanbul and from different backgrounds. Each participant asked a question that Oda Projesi forwarded to another participant. The video works are the answers to these questions: as such, there is an intended dialogue between the screens so between the topics of normalized accepted appearances.