The World's Last Exhibition 4 mayıs-30 haziran 2019 / Til Vægs Copenhagen

The World’s Last Exhibition 

Åsa-Maria Bengtsson (SE) Ida Brockmann (DK) Sidsel Christensen (DK) 
Therese Frisk (SE) Emma Hart (UK) Oda Projesi (TR) Sara Ramo (BR / SP)
4. maj – 30. juni 2019 / Til Vægs Copenhagen

curator: Per Brunskog


Zero Point,
Oda Projesi, İstanbul, 2019

İstanbul: The zero point of the universe. This city is both the reason and the object of a last exhibition in the world. Recently, we are witnessing how the city is still an amorph organism but also nowadays it is very much tried to be shaped, organized and structured. Before, the city was more visible and open; nowadays most of the city is veiled with metal walls and this is all one could see. “The last” is a word hard to visualize, we go after “hope” once we talk about “the last”; near the salty water there in the concrete one can see the flourishing green; the wild nature. We are experiencing the harsh destruction of the city; but still the seed is on the street, in the balcony pot, in the cracks of the buildings; resistant and wild. The Milion was the center of the Earth and the mile marker in Constantinople; probably dating to the reign of Constantine (d. 337), it played a role in reinforcing the Romanitas of the new capital, as it was modeled on the Miliarium Aureum in old Rome. The Milion originally marked the start of all roads throughout the empire, symbolically evoked the entire Roman world and Constantinople’s place in it.