25 june - 18 july 2013

At ANA AIR -  Astrid Noack’s Atelier residency Oda Projesi with their project ANA, plans to work on the issue of "motherhood" and everyday life production also focusing on the resistance and occupy movement taking place in Istanbul; claiming that there are strategies and tactics to be learned from each other. A year ago Oda Projesi has launched its project http://bookofprofessions.blogspot.com/, and ANA project will create another aspect  in relation to this.  The inspiration for ANA project comes from the very need of Oda Projesi being as artist mothers and participating to this residency with their kids. Another important influence is from the artist Deidre M. Donoghue from Ada Collective, Rotterdam; who is currently working on a research project called (M)other Voices: The maternal as an attitude; maternal thinking & the production of art. Oda Projesi will participate in the research project.



"her parka bir bostan"

her yer taksim her yer direniş