Oda Projesi was 22 hours on air at Radio Art Zone / 27 august 2022


If Oda Projesi makes a radio within a radio only for 22 hours, what would it sound like? What sounds can this radio carry? In 2005 for a local radiochannel in Istanbul Oda Projesi did a programme that was called "radio within a radio 101.7EFEM". There we "acted" as if a radio channel; with news, interviews, advertisements, but also parasites interfering with and within the radio channel. (The programme originated from a pirate radio station we have organized with Matthieu Prat in the neighbourhood of Oda Projesi in 2005 for one month; just before leaving our project space.) Now if we have 22 hours then we plan to have 22 people, 22 places, 22 acts, 22 strategies, 22 incidents in this 22 hours of broadcasting. The main concern will be (can be) on motherhood (as this is a theme we are currently working on). The members of the collective, who have focused their research on "motherhood and production" since 2013, have had a series of conversations with groups of mothers who are not limited to their own experiences. During these meetings, “How were our daily life and art practices shaped after becoming a mother? How did maternal states affect our production? "What does it mean to be a mother and an artist at the same time?" were some of the questions.