like a radio manifest…

Haziran 24, 2007

What is Radio?
Radio( radyo) is an object in Turkish that is silent and empty when closed and mostly has an antenna and can be seen at homes, offices or cars or in mobile phones. Secondly it is a space that becomes a place when you start to listen radio and when you do radio. It is a space that is magical and so flexiable to shape, it has a power to sneak in to many places and many situations. It is a box that has in it a collection of waves that contains sounds, music, new. When you listen to a radio you also become a collector, the listener has the power to shape the radio. Radio is more exciting then TV at the end!

Why do Radio?
Do radio to try the new space and to try to create another thing out of a given space. Try to use the strategies and tactics that we used for 8 years in a different way. Do radio to be invisible and sneak in.

How to do Radio?
1. Pirate radio: Find a place to put an antenna in the middle of your broadcasting area. Get technical help from someone that has done radio before. Make people believe that this will work. Imagine what kind of a radio station you want. Try yourself first and slowly get the others in this nonphysical stage.
2. Legal radio: Go to a local radio channel and make them believe that the programme you will make will be different and that it will open a gap and some discussions and get some energy in.

Who does Radio?
Everyone can.

Radio / Contemporary art
The relation is quite unique. Radio field is important to use in the sense of contemporary art. The product you come out with the radio is not visible but has a lot of power. The new exhibition space of contemporary art can always be radio, it depends on how you use it.

How do you see your participation in Radiodays.org
Very exciting. A lot of preparation for a strange connection and we tried to get the place ready from where we are broadcasting. Once we were connected to Amsterdam through a radio that was more fascinating. It was not like a phone call, more that a strange relation, like: we can be listened in the neighbourhood through radio, the balcony from where we were was open, there was a microphone one in the balcony one in the next house that connected all to Amsterdam and live in a radio.

Radio as a Stage
Invisible stage or more that you have the physical apparaence but what you have at the end can be anything that you can visualize. This stage allows you to be yourself but play with it or make people listen to you and your decisions but hide also. This stage has audiences that the performers don’t know or see most of the time.

Radio as a Meeting point
Meeting point but much more melting point. A good listener is at the end listens to his or her own radio. Like what remains or has been chosen along the way of listening.

Why use ink and paper for a further step when having used voice and radio waves?