An Auricular Witness / TilVaegs - Copenhagen

 An Auricular Witness

A curatorial game by Oda Projesi 

8th April - 30 May 2022

@TilVaegs Tilvaegs website


Players: Naz Erayda + Aslı Kıyak İngin + Gülkan Noir +  Aslı Özdoyuran + Oda Projesi + 

Burcu Yanmaz + Yağmur Yıldırım 

Opening Performance: Ada Coming Wind Corsi


What is happening behind the walls? After 2 years of pandemic life, especially women were trapped between the walls day by day. What did that mean for women and mothers to “stay at home”? Lots of research has been made and lots of statistical information have been shared around the increasing invisible domestic labour during the pandemic. What can we do with this information now? What is it for? Til Vaegs’ main tools of display are the attached screens on the outer walls of the buildings, this creates a curiosity: What is it behind the screens? What is it that we don’t see and witness? After 2 years of “staying at home”, what can we imagine that would happen “inside”; create discussions and gatherings? Oda Projesi uses the “ear to ear” method (the children’s game kulaktan kulağa as in Turkish; which is translated as “Chinese whispers”) between the participants who are all from Istanbul and from different backgrounds. Each participant asked a question that Oda Projesi forwarded to another participant. The video works are the answers to these questions: as such, there is an intended dialogue between the screens so between the topics of normalized accepted appearances.


Oda Projesi hosted by Witte Rook

A care-based residency  Witte Rook

"We at Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group strive to create spaces where the maternal in art can be researched, such as the maternal that can be assumed in one’s art practice or the alternative models in art that are found on a care-based work ethic. In these spaces integrity, safety, inclusivity and caregiving are our main priorities and are in place to abolish hierarchical structures."

Becoming, experiencing and practicing motherhood was a big shift in the daily life of Oda Projesi artist collective and its artistic practice. When we wanted to approach the issue, we realised that we have three different but interconnected approaches.


WORDS AND ACTIONS exhibition / Tongue project

Tongue project 


 Words and Actions

 Launch July 22, 2021

curated by Naomi Lev

Participants: Oda Projesi+Nadin Reschke, Mujeres de Maiz, Collective_View, The 8th of March Group

The exhibition “Words and Actions” contemplates what we communicate and how we act. It was inspired by the roles of politicians in our lives, particularly those who speak but don’t stand behind their words, or those who say too much, and the words become radical noise that affects our better judgement. ‘Words Matter’ was the initial term presented to me in relation to this project. My understanding of the term is that words have a place in the world and they make a difference. Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote: “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” And indeed, language paints a picture of reality. Words have the power to change, shift, convince, deceive, fool, seduce, nurture, and support.


oda projesi is again at açık radyo 95.0

2005 - 2007  

Oda Projesi as 101.7 EFEM  was at  94.9 Açık Radyo (Harbiye)

From time to time appeared with the parasites 

now 2021 
Oda Projesi is at Radyo Bienal.




ODA PROJESİ Workshops: Care, Sisterhood and Witchcraft As Transforming Powers


22 September - 3 November 2020



The third of SALT's Working Groups is initiated by the artist collective Oda Projesi (Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş and Seçil Yersel). The members of the collective, who have focused their research on "motherhood and production" since 2013, have had a series of conversations with groups of mothers who are not limited to their own experiences. During these meetings, “How were our daily life and art practices shaped after becoming a mother? How did maternal states affect our production? " questions such as. The Oda Projesi, which expands the scope of these questions with the effects of the ongoing epidemic conditions, will open the concepts related to motherhood to discussion based on the text "The Fisher's Daughter" from Ursula K. Le Guin's Woman Dreams Dragons. 

Özge Açıkkol will focus on the concept and action of "care", which is the basis for a hierarchical and disproportionate relationship or support and solidarity. Seçil Yersel will question motherhood through "witchcraft", which is considered one of the malicious forms of womanhood; will develop a reading about the constructive, destructive and productive aspects of the mother, who is perceived as a healing and life-priming force in the field of power. Güneş Savaş will go beyond the isolation of epidemic conditions and look at the possibilities of collective action; It will search for ways to create alternatives to private spaces in houses that are getting smaller and more crowded.

(The language in the working groups are in Turkish)




Oda Projesi started its life exactly 20 years ago today on January 22, 2000, in Galata, İstanbul.

The artist collective, consisting of Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş and Seçil Yersel, made its opening in 2000 in a three-room apartment on Şahkulu Street 39/1, with Özge Açıkkol’s project based on George Perec’s text "About a Useless Space".

Oda Projesi, with its commitment and respect for the creativity of Istanbul and its residents, still keeps on asking questions and producing about space and place. By using tools such as postcards, radio, books, posters, newspapers, or temporary spaces; it continues to reflect on the possibilities of new relationship models as well as on the diversified individual positionings of the group members and the changing public situations.

We are happy to celebrate our 20th anniversary with you.
 We will notify you for a face-to-face meeting in April.

We wish you a healthy and pleasant new year.
Kind regards
Oda Projesi



Oda Projesi, tam 20 sene önce bugün; 22 ocak 2000'de bir cumartesi günü, hayatına İstanbul, Galata'da başladı. 

Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş ve Seçil Yersel'den oluşan sanatçı kolektifi 2000 yılında Şahkulu Sokak 39/1 adresinde yer alan üç odalı mekânda; Özge Açıkkol'un, Georges Perec'in "Yararsız Bir Uzama Dair" metnini merkeze aldığı projesi ile açılışını yaptı. 
Oda Projesi, halen İstanbul ve sakinlerinin yaratıcılıklarına olan bağını ve saygısını ön planda tutarak, yere ve mekâna dair sorular sormayı sürdürüyor. Kartpostal, radyo, kitap, poster, gazete gibi araçları ya da geçici mekânları kullanarak yeni ilişki modellerinin olanakları —ve grup üyelerinin farklılaşan bireysel pozisyonları ve farklılaşan kamusal durumlar—  üzerine düşünmeye ve üretmeye devam etmektedir.

20. yılımızı sizlerle beraber kutlamaktan keyif duyuyoruz.

Nisan ayında gerçekleşecek yüzyüze buluşma için sizi haberdar edeceğiz.

Sağlıklı ve keyifli bir yeni yıl dileklerimizle
Oda Projesi


On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors / Oda Projesi, As if a Jammer

6th issue of Annex is on air now in Donostia/San Sebastian!

oda projesi as if a jammer / / in tabakalera - donostia/san sebastian

Madrassa collective. On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors

Saturday, 9 November 2019 > Sunday, 16 February 2020

On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors adopts inefficiency, exhaustion, incompleteness, error and failure as conceptual and methodological frameworks, and as aesthetic and political principles, by inviting artists and collectives whose projects aim to challenge dominant standards within and beyond the arts.
The exhibition gathers artistic proposals that use the above-mentioned concepts as the catalyst of their practice to explore the past and present potentials of utopic making and unmaking. Mainly based on cross-disciplinary research, long-term collaborative processes and experimental productions, moreover, the works presented raise questions about the meaning of creation itself and the processes that it is doomed to go through within art and its institutions.  
Based on a residency and on a seminar given at Tabakalera in 2018, On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors expands the reflection on collective making that Madrassa Collective started in 2015 and which was materialised in the exhibition Something to Generate From in 2016 at the Kunsthal Aarhus. Madrassa explores collaborative forms and collective artistic practices that, operating across a variety of fields and emerging from diverse epistemic worlds, embody the possibility for instituting new practices, spaces and times. The curatorial body engages in exhibitions as spaces capable of giving voice to these collective forms, and as the very times in which new notions of the collective come to form.
Participants in the exhibition:
  • Ala Younis 
  • Grupo Etcetera 
  • Oda Projesi 
  • Sofiane Zouggar 
  • Suspended Spaces 
  • Yasmina Reggad



The World's Last Exhibition 4 mayıs-30 haziran 2019 / Til Vægs Copenhagen

The World’s Last Exhibition 

Åsa-Maria Bengtsson (SE) Ida Brockmann (DK) Sidsel Christensen (DK) 
Therese Frisk (SE) Emma Hart (UK) Oda Projesi (TR) Sara Ramo (BR / SP)
4. maj – 30. juni 2019 / Til Vægs Copenhagen

curator: Per Brunskog


Zero Point,
Oda Projesi, İstanbul, 2019

İstanbul: The zero point of the universe. This city is both the reason and the object of a last exhibition in the world. Recently, we are witnessing how the city is still an amorph organism but also nowadays it is very much tried to be shaped, organized and structured. Before, the city was more visible and open; nowadays most of the city is veiled with metal walls and this is all one could see. “The last” is a word hard to visualize, we go after “hope” once we talk about “the last”; near the salty water there in the concrete one can see the flourishing green; the wild nature. We are experiencing the harsh destruction of the city; but still the seed is on the street, in the balcony pot, in the cracks of the buildings; resistant and wild. The Milion was the center of the Earth and the mile marker in Constantinople; probably dating to the reign of Constantine (d. 337), it played a role in reinforcing the Romanitas of the new capital, as it was modeled on the Miliarium Aureum in old Rome. The Milion originally marked the start of all roads throughout the empire, symbolically evoked the entire Roman world and Constantinople’s place in it.



kamusalı yapmak / 18-20 ekim 2018

kamusalı yapmak

Kamusalı Yapmak / Public in the Making” 18-20 Ekim tarihleri arasında, Horizon 2020 programı tarafından desteklenen, 14 ülkeden 20 kurum ve 150’nin üzerinde bireyin dogrudan parçası olduğu “trans-making” (https://trans-making.eu/) projesi kapsamında Istanbul'da gerçekleşiyor.
Üç gün sürecek “Kamusalı Yapmak / Public in the Making” etkinliği, “yapmak” eyleminin merceğinden toplumsal kavramların belki de en muğlak ve sorunlusu olan kamu/kamusal kavramına çok disiplinli bir bakış getirmeyi hedefliyor. Sanat ve tasarımdan felsefeye, mimarlığa ve sehir planlamacılığa uzanan farklı disiplinlerin bakısından kamusal sözcüğünün asıl ruhuna uygun ortak yaratıcılığı ve hakiki bilgiyi arayan özgün bir yaklaşımın izlerini sürmeyi ve aynı zamanda bu yaklaşımı pratikte inşa etmeyi amaçlıyor.
Asu Aksoy, Peter Klepec ve Renata Salecl’in kamusal alana dair tematik konuşmalar yapacağı, Mahir Namur, Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu, Yeliz Kahya, Nafiz Akşehirli, Çiğdem Kaya, Esra Yıldız, Ezgi Tuncer, RCE, Zeynep Arda, Mustafa Avcı, Zeynep Günay ve Herkes için Mimarlık panellerin moderatörlüğünü üstlendiği etkinlik, 13 panel, 3 ana tema konuşması, 2 yürüyüş, 5 atölye ve kurumsal sunumlardan oluşuyor, dahil olmak isteyen herkesi, kamusallığı teorik, pratik sanatsal kültürel olarak yeniden düşünmeye ve araştırmaya davet ediyor.
Etkinlik projenin Türkiye ortakları Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Izmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi ve BIS tarafından Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy (TAK), Avrupa Kültür Derneği, AICA, Herkes İçin Mimarlık, PASAJ, Sokak Bizim Derneği, Roma Bostanı, Kent ve Çocuk, Komsu Kafe Kolektifi işbirliğiyle düzenleniyor, amberPlatform tarafından koordine ediliyor.
Panel ve atölyeler ITÜ Taşkışla, santralistanbul, Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy (TAK) ve MSGSU Fındıklı kampüsünde gerçeklesecek. Etkinlik 20 Ekim Cumartesi akşamı Roma Bostanı’na ziyaret ile son bulacak.


oda projesi ariel'de ...

Oda Projesi

Kavramsal çerçeve:
Oda Projesi üyelerine sorularımızdır:

Soru 1:
Odaya ilk girdiğinizde ya da dışarıdan baktığınızda, odanın kapısı penceresi var mıydı, zemini serbest düşüşlere müsait miydi, tavanı yıldızlara bakak mıydı? Kendisi var mıydı odanın? Nasıl karşıladı oda sizi?

Soru 2: 
Oda Projesi tutumları forma dönüştüren bir kolektif. Odanın içi ile dışı arasındaki ilişkiyi siz mi düzenlemeye çalıştınız yoksa kendiliğinden oluşan bir kurguya tanıklık etmeyi mi seçtiniz?

Soru 3:
Oda Projesi’nde üç kadınsınız. Oda Projesi’nin feminist bir tavrı olduğu söylenebilir mi? Pozitif ayrımcılığı gözettiniz mi hiç? Bekar odaları için ne düşünürsünüz?

Soru 4:
Oda Projesi, proje odası, projeksiyon odası… Sizce proje nedir?


oda projesi msü'de 06 nisan 14:00



" Bir İhtimal Daha Var: Açık Mekan ve Sanatçı Kolektifleri "

 Kasa Galeri, 19 Ocak-24 Şubat 2018 tarihlerinde sanatçı kolektiflerinin stratejileri, dönüşüm süreçleri, motivasyonları ve üretim modelleri üzerine bir konuşma serisi düzenledi. ‘Bir İhtimal Daha Var: Açık Mekan ve Sanatçı Kolektifleri’ başlıklı etkinlikte, İstanbullu sanatçı kolektifi Hafriyat merkeze alınarak; sanatçı kolektiflerine açık çağrı ile birlikte yaratılan düşünme ve tartışma zeminine Oda Projesi de katıldı.



"Public Spaces and Cultural Capitals"

29 Nisan – 6 Mayıs 2017 @Kunsthal Aarhus
Public Spaces and Cultural Capitals (workshop) as part of the Timeshare Project in Kunsthal Aarhus in collaboration with SALT.

Oda Projesi with this workshop tried to revisit, map, reframe and discuss the Cultural Agencies: Gülsuyu-Gülensu project which took place in 2010, in dialogue with Aarhus-based interlocutors.

"Kolektifin Parçası Olmak"

11 Temmuz Salı, 2017 @Depo
"Kolektifin parçası olmak" kolektif çalışma deneyimi olan sanat ve yakın alanlardaki kişilerin katılımcı olduğu iki toplantıdan oluşmaktadır. Etkinlik, Depo'da Sis kolektifi'nin Kuşla Göz Arasında sergisi kapsamında yer alan TV stüdyosunda gerçekleşti.
Davetli kolektiflerin/inisiyatiflerin "ne" yaptığından ziyade "nasıl" yaptığına odaklanılan, kişilerin topluluk içindeki çalışma, düşünme ve davranışlarına, birlikte çalışma ve karar verme mekanizmalarına, dolayısıyla birlikte üretmenin çeşitli yönlerinin tartışmaya açıldığı bir toplantı. 
Katılımcılar: Oda Projesi - Özge Açıkkol // Artıkişler Kolektifi - Alper Şen, Halil Yetiş, Braxton Hood // Dürtük- direnen üretici tüketici kolektifi - Sevgi Ortaç // Birbuçuk - Yasemin Ülgen

"Bize Ait Bir Oda"

9 Mayıs – 4 Haziran 2017
“Bize Ait Bir Oda” @Ark Kültür, İstanbul
Küratöryel ekip: Arzu Yayıntaş, Güneş Terkol ve Sevil Tunaboylu 


Oda Projesi, Kadın Müzeleri Konferansı'nda

20 Ekim 2016, SALT Galata

Oda Projesi, İstanbul Kadın Müzesi tarafından düzenlenen "Kadın Müzesi: Toplumsal Bellek Merkezi ve Kapsayıcı Mekan" başlıklı uluslararası konferansta yer aldı.

"Yerel Düzeyde Kapsayıcı Uygulamalar"
Moderatör: Tomur Atagök

Stefania Pitscheider Soraperra, Avusturya
Sigrid Prader, İtalya
Fatmagül Berktay, İstanbul Üniversitesi, İstanbul, Türkiye
Özge Açıkkol, “Oda Projesi”, İstanbul, Türkiye
Dilan Karamanoğlu, Jinha Haber Ajansı, Diyarbakır, Türkiye 
Deniz Koç, Küratör, İstanbul, Türkiye

"Kadın Müzesi: Toplumsal Bellek Merkezi ve Kapsayıcı Mekan"
Kadın müzelerinin 21. yüzyılda toplumsal değişimdeki yol açıcı etkilerinin; kapsayıcı konseptler uygulayan kadın müzeleri örneklerinde tartışıldığı konferansta, yerel düzeyde kapsayıcılık, küresel bağlamda kapsayıcılık ve barış kültürü başlıklarıyla üç kadın müzesi kategorisi sunuldu: 1) Yerel kadın potansiyelini müzenin sosyo-kültürel etkinliklerine entegre eden kadın müzeleri, bulundukları küçük yerleşim birimlerindeki kadın yaşamlarında yeni alanlar açılmasında rol oynuyorlar. 2) Küresel çalışma stratejileri geliştiren kadın müzeleri, kadın yaşamlarındaki varoluşsal ortak meseleler temelinde, coğrafi anlamda uzak olan kadınları politik eyleme davet eden projeleriyle, kadınların birbiriyle yakın temasını sağlıyorlar. 3) Toplumsal barışın tesisi bağlamında çalışan kadın müzeleri ise geçmişi, günümüzde sorumluluk almak için hatırlıyorlar.

Düzenleyen: www.istanbulkadinmuzesi.org


The experience of "singular plural" and the new episode

The first time that Oda Projesi was at ANA http://www.astrid-noack.dk residency was at 2013  with the project ANA. The project ANA was on the issue of "motherhood" and everyday life production also focusing on the resistance and occupy movement  in Istanbul.  The inspiration for ANA project had occured from the very need of Oda Projesi being as artist mothers and participating to this residency with their kids. Another important influence was from the artist Deidre M. Donoghue from Ada Collective, Rotterdam; who was and still is working on a research project called http://www.mothervoices.org (M)other Voices: The maternal as an attitude; maternal thinking & the production of art.

The second time of the residency at ANA was April 2016; Oda Projesi this time searched for tactics and strategies on how to go on as an artist collective, working individually, after such an intense experience of working together. This time they decided to work on their own projects at the studio space of Astrid Noack. The studio as a space offered different corners and different points of attraction. Oda Projesi at the begining of 2000 when getting together, has experienced a similiar mode of working in the space. The question was, what do we need? and what does the space offer? what are the potentials? 

So after 16 years this was the very first time Oda Projesi worked in the same place but on different topics as individuals. 

This gave a very refreshing energy to the group, as collectiveness can be defined in various ways, and it is always needed to get a distance to ones practice and try to re define it.

From this time and on there will be the new episode of Oda Projesi collective; as a togetherness they will focus on "the archive of the project" and individually the group members will work on their own productions.


Oda Projesi in Mobile Autonomy

Mobile Autonomy 
Exercises in Artists' Self-Organization
edited by Nico Dockx & Pascal Gielen

Publisher: Valiz
Series: Antenna 
248 pages
14 × 21cm

Oda Projesi organized several round-table conversations with mothers and fathers from various backgrounds about the possible relationship between parenting and producing at the same time. Oda Projesi being artist mothers, needed to learn from each others' tactics. And the question as an inspiration to these talks was how our production is effected from mothering/fathering. Another influence came from the artist Deidre M. Donoghue from Ada Collective, Rotterdam; who is currently working on a research project called (M)other Voices: The maternal as an attitude; maternal thinking & the production of art. The contribution of Oda Projesi to Mobile Autonomy book is one of the 4 sessions realized between 2013-2014 as part of ANA project started in 2013.

Oda Projesi in conversation with:
Sema Aslan (writer, journalist)
Banu Cennetoğlu (artist and founder of BAS, a space for artists' books, İstanbul)
Biray Kolluoğlu (Professor at the Sociology Department, Boğaziçi University, İstanbul)
Defne Koryürek (food activist, head of Slow Food Turkey)
Burcu Serdar Köknar (architect, founder of Anonim, İstanbul)

March 29, 2014


Oda Projesi @ Mobile Autonomy Summer School

MOBILE AUTONOMY (August 24 – 30/2015) @ Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp, Belgium

Lectures and workshops by ÅbäkeNico Dockx, Pascal GielenErik Hagoort,Thomas HirschhornHotel CharleroiIsabell LoreyOda Projesi, Tara Cranswick, Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman,Gerald Raunig and Raqs Media Collective.

Hosted by Lokaal 01, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen, Middelheimmuseum, Extra City, Arts in Society